About No Doi

Beads have been around for thousands of years. Like THOUSANDS. The oldest discovered beads are believed to be over 72,000 years old!

Think about how your grandma or great grandma used to have her favorite strand of pearls she’d wear. Or the bracelet you got from your best friend in elementary school to symbolize your friendship.

Tour any market in any city around the world and you will find beads! Jewelry! Locally-designed bracelets and necklaces to wear and remember your visit, or bring back to friends and loved ones.

Make a few by yourself and then give them away: to people you know, strangers you meet, someone who compliments your bracelet—give them one. Why not? Imagine if someone gave you a bracelet and how special that would be!

Our kits are full of hand-selected colors and styles of beads. We wanted beads that could last for years and be special enough that they wouldn’t be easily found. They will make your creations look even more unique and thoughtful.